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Car and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Recovery Solutions
Car and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Recovery Services

The benefits of using ARL

UK average scene attendance time of just 45 minutes (gathered from historic data).

A dedicated 24 hour multi-line control centre with dedicated & highly trained staff.

Where loaded commercial vehicles are involved in accidents, especially in timed deliveries, we make every effort to either tranship any undamaged load as a priority (co-ordinating this action with the transport operator), or where necessary, deliver the casualty vehicle to the operators nearest depot or its destination.

ARL provides a clear & transparent fixed menu of pricing tariffs which allow for accurate budgeting & forecasting.

There are no hidden extras, a single call out charge per incident (not per vehicle), any additional charges for the use of specialist equipment are supported by photographs.

Storage costs control - ARL employs an administrator whose sole role is to track vehicles in storage and alert the insurer every 3 days that their vehicle is still in storage incurring daily storage charges.

ARL's legal team is a failsafe. Where the vehicle recovery has been handled by the Police or Highways Agency, we can challenge incorrect banding charges.

From our automatic data system we are able to provide electronic delivery of daily, weekly or monthly vehicle recovery data and management information, including images from the accident scene or of the damaged vehicle where required. We can individually tailor statistics and services to client’s specific requirements.

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ARL Auto-Rescue Logistics

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