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Car and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Recovery Solutions
Car and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Recovery Services


Accident Recovery

  • 24/7 Multi line Control Centre.
  • Comprehensive UK & Europe- wide network of recovery operators.
  • All network operators are fully insured & are pas43 accredited.
  • Transparent fixed pricing tariffs- allowing for tighter cost control + more accurate budgetary forecasting.
  • Images to support additional charges &/or use of specialist equipment.
  • ‘Upfront payment’ of inherited charges/ release fees.
  • ARL will notify of a vehicle in storage every 3 days- reducing unnecessary storage costs.

ARL Windscreen Stickers

Placing an ARL windscreen or driver notice in a commercial vehicle identifies that ARL are contracted to recover the vehicle, and thereby reduces the likelihood of either a statutory recovery, or a Police contracted vehicle recovery operator undertaking the recovery at inflated cost.

When a commercial vehicle needs to be recovered the driver can either ring their depot with details of location, etc., and the depot immediately telephone ARL on a dedicated number at our control centre (In this instance the reverse side of the windscreen notice is amended to incorporate this procedure), or the driver telephones ARL direct from the accident scene before advising his depot. The notice can be adapted to incorporate a specific company logo or information

  • First Notification Of Loss
  • Our highly trained & dedicated team provide a 24hour loss reporting service.
  • Immediate capture of post incident details
  • Custom scripting allows for effective business continuity
  • Message handling & general information capture
  • Recovery of casualty vehicle/ TP vehicle
  • Notification via email or XML
  • MI reporting

Management information

  • Call stats
  • Number of recoveries
  • Time on scene
  • Average cost of recovery
  • Average days in storage
  • Average costs in storage
  • Number of claims captured
  • Courtesy cars arranged


Legal Services

As a niche service provider of vehicle related support services to the insurance industry, ARL has, from its inception, been directly involved in interpreting and clarifying vehicle recovery legislation, a particularly difficult, and largely misunderstood, area of the law.

ARL established the Mansfield –v- NYK Logistics legal precedent in 2006 that changed 130 years of UK law, since when ARL have consistently created legal precedents or brought new law into being, using the 1984 Road Traffic Regulation Act, and Section 4 of the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. This active role in challenging excessive vehicle recovery charges and practices has substantially reduced our clients recovery and storage charges.

Overcharging in respect of recovery costs

In instances where the police have invoked statutory powers, a key factor in establishing the correct banding application (charges) within the 2008 Prescribed Sums and Charging Regulations is a technical understanding of the vehicle recovery process. The ARL technical / legal team can determine this, and where necessary challenge incorrect statutory banding charges. On non-statutory vehicle recoveries, ARLs team can assess ‘reasonable charges’ by reviewing the recovery process.

Overcharging in respect of storage costs

The ARL legal team will determine applicable storage charges based upon the entitlement to retain a vehicle by the Police / vehicle recovery operator / bodyshop. This will include assessing vehicle retention under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

Refusal to Release a vehicle

Contrary to popular belief, there is no lien in common law for recovery and storage charges. ARLs legal team, (Rausa Mumford) successfully tested this point in Sissons v Albany Garage [2007]. The application for delivery up of the vehicle will be under sec 4 of the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, which is a cause of action for wrongful retention of goods. It should be noted that if the vehicle is repairable, the Insured may have a claim for damages for loss of use.

Insurance Forum

ARL established theInsurance Forum, which convenes regularly in London, in 2005 to encourage motor insurers and fleets to openly discuss common issues, including matters relating to vehicle recovery. The circulation list for the Forum now exceeds 150 organisations, including most UK motor insurers.

Guests have included the Highway Agency, Police and ABI, all of whom have found the open discussion format both innovative and informative. From these meetings several innovative insurance and vehicle recovery issues have emerged, including MID and the ARL Code of Practice.

This new Code of Practice for Vehicle Recovery and Breakdown Assistance commits ARL, and its Agents, to an open, fair and responsible way of doing business. For most reputable organisations, the Code will simply formalise practices that are already in place.

The long term aim is to- promote and maintain consistent standards across the ARL network of UK vehicle recovery / breakdown operators, for the benefit of all ARL customers.

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